Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society

January 2019


We will advise opening date in the New Year

The Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society will be closed effective immediately for the next two months. Building maintenance needs to be done early in New Year, which necessitates the relocation of all the Society records, which has now started. As a consequence the records will not be able to be accessed for any research. We apologise for any inconvenience if someone was thinking of coming to the Society to do some research over this period.

While the Society may be closed, email and phone calls will still be monitored, if you have anything urgent you need to address to us.

The actual date of reopening will depend on completion of maintenance work, and we will
advise in the New Year.

Houses & Estates Book Wins!

The photo shows Society Vice President and one of the authors Maureen Martin Ferris receiving the Award from Dianne Snowden (historian/author & former head of Heritage Tasmania) and Ross Latham (TAHO Archivist).


Congratulations to the authors, Maureen Martin Ferris, Malcolm Ward and Tully Brookes & Photographer Marion Harrison. Of course there was a great team
of GSBHS contributors behind them which made the publication possible, Design and Layout by Diane Bricknell, Editor Lou Coghill, Financial management
and printing liaison–Noel Stanley, and the mighty team of proof readers and spell checkers, too numerous
to name.


We are well on the way with our next publication,
a reprint of “Kettle on the Hob”, about Kelvedon and Cotton Family, to be followed by a reprint of Louisa
Anne Meredith's My Home in Tasmania, and of course Maureen and Malcolm have already started on
“Houses & Estates of Old Spring Bay”.

Dianne Snowden, Maureen Martin Ferris and Ross Latham

Cover of our publication "Houses & Estates of Old Glamorgan"

Photograph of the award won

If you would like to help us with our work load at the Historical Society, you would be most welcome. Please contact us via phone or email or use the contact page on this website.

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that the Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society has been awarded the 2018 Marita Bardenhagen memorial Award for Local History, for our Publication “Houses & Estates of Old Glamorgan”.