Our team can undertake research on your behalf. The charges are as follows:


Private research $25.00 per hour

with a minimum charge of $12.50 (half hour)


Commercial clients by negotiation



A4 B&W – 50c each side

A4 Colour – $1.00 each side

A3 B&W – $1.00 each side

A3 Colour – $2.00 each side


PHOTOGRAPHS (digital only)

CDR $3.00 each +

Images $2.50 for each digital photograph



* Actual postage at current Australia Post rates

Please note Copyright applies to any reproduced material including Photographs

The following information is required to start a search:

     - your name

     - address

     - contact details

     and the Information you are seeking.


(Please provide us with as much detail possible)



You can pay by cheque, money order or by direct deposit.

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